Monday, January 16, 2012

Starting Off

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to know way too much about the most random things in the world? Have you ever had somebody walk up and start talking about the top speed of a cockroach? Or perhaps you met a person who just so happened to know when the first elevator was created? Ever get in an argument with someone concerning the buoyancy of a pickle?

Welcome to just where they got that knowledge (unless they went out and actually hunted that info for themselves in which case that's just scary).

As I'm sure you gathered, the purpose of this website is to provide you fun and interesting facts on things from every walk of life. As we are a bit new, we are hoping to update multiple times a week with a goal of once a day, but we will get back to you on this one. So why don't you strap in and take a gander, I don't doubt you will find something that makes you stop and go "Huh, I never knew that before!"

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